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Survice Engineering Company


Michael Schuck

SURVICE is a small business that has been providing the DoD and industry customers with high-quality analytical products and services for nearly 30 years.

Air Force support is through contracts with ASC, AFRL, Air Armament Center (AAC), 46th Test Wing (46TW), and NASIC primarily at WPAFB and Eglin AFB.

SURVICE supports AAC’s Air Force SEEK EAGLE office by providing highly specialized analytical engineering services focused on aircraft store integration..

Services include certification of aircraft store configurations, engineering and analysis support to developmental weapon and aircraft system program offices and contractors for aircraft store integration, flight clearances for developmental and operational testing and certification recommendations for direct combat support, and weapon delivery accuracy verification.

SURVICE provides our support through several USAF prime contracts, including the SEEK EAGLE Modeling, Analysis, and Tools Support (SEMATS) responsible for aircraft stores integration, and the Munitions Effectiveness and Target Vulnerability Analysis (METVA) responsible for weapon development programs and weapon effectiveness development.

SURVICE most recently supported WPAFB customers in the Air Force Fleet Viability Board, C-5 program, F-22 program, Agile Combat Support Directorate, and AFRL’s Sensors Directorate. 

Knowledge gained from this diverse customer base provides the MCR ACCESS Team with a great depth of knowledge and experience at its ready access. 


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