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Gerard Mongelli

CTC is a large, independent, nonprofit company providing and business solutions to Air Force customers including HQ AFMC, AFGLSC, and AFRL/RXSC.

CTC’s expertise areas include program management; logistics management; financial and accounting; administration; information technology; learning solutions; and medical, healthcare and scientific support.

While the company employs more than 1,400 people, CTC uses a matrix management approach, which means that professionals can be shifted from internal support to project support on the fly. This gives the flexibility required to meet both QRC requirements and projects demands while offering the stable work environment required to attracting and keeping the best professionals.

Currently, CTC is a subcontractor on the SERCO subcontract supporting HQ Air Force Materiel Command A4 with 15 personnel on a $1.7M TO for Depot Maintenance Training, Work Force Development, Material-Supplier Relationships, and Production Support.

Additional CTC contract efforts include personnel working for AFGLSC and AFIT.


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